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Born on the 8th of May 1981 in rural St. Mary's, one of Jamaica's poorest parish, Fabian Graham aka "Fabigeez" is determined to utilized his god given talent to make a difference globally. With such great ego from the get go, and influences of people around him, Geez was never shy to deliver and let everyone know what he do best. Being inspired by the struggles he had been through in life, and the influences of his favourite artists such as Beenie Man, Capleton, Chuck Fender, Bounty Killa, Spragga Benz etc, at age 15 Geez was able to write his own music that most people could relate to. With the great challenges that faces society these days, and the urge to make a quick dollar, Geez is still focusing on keeping his lyrical content clean and conscious to help in the development of the future generations.599638 479344548760117 414082719 n

Travelling to several different cities in North America such as Toronto, New York etc, listening to different genre of music, contributes to his unique and creative style of lyrics. His first airplay created waves in 2007 on radio stations based in Toronto, with hit single "marijuana forever". FabiGeez is currently working with many different recording studios, networking with other artists, producers and engineers worldwide to ensure his dreams a success.

Returning to Jamaica in 2009, Geez and his brother Tidal established a record label company called Chronic Hill Records, which is currently doing well. For Geez music never ends, and the diamond in the dirt is like his voice to be heard.

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Navardo Graham a.k.a Tydal

Tydal was born on September 24, 1982 rural St. Mary. The third of five siblings, he was known as quiet and kind. As a526953 10151303421728970 1580957103 n child he often found comfort in music and used it as a means of expression. Like many musicians he decided to compose his own music which served as entertainment for family and friends. At a tender age, having had parents who were musically inclined, a father who played the guitar and a mother who sang on the church choir. Navardo was exposed to the melodic auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones known as Music. In the early 1990’s, with the emergence of artists such as Buju Banton fresh on the scene with hits like “Love How the Gal-Dem Flex”; Tidal found his calling, his true passion. During the early 90’s when Dancehall music was highly influenced by consciousness and tantalizing rhythms. Dancehall music became a major influence and later shaped the course of destiny for Navardo Graham. He recalled from his childhood memories, listening to his father’s records such as Bob Marley, Leroy Smart and Beres Hammond 544559 10150762262983970 814141352 namong others. By the time his 10th birthday came around, Tidal had already penned his first song. His audience was his fellow peers in his Enfield Primary classroom. There he tested his musical creativity and began to display some of his musical talents. In the years that followed, Tidal became engrossed in music and looked to established figures in the dancehall arena for inspiration. With the beginning of the new millennium, a new era had dawned. A new artist has emerged from the once shy but talented young man who hailed from humble beginnings. In 2003 Tidal stepped into the studio and320962 10151357242808970 1447991032 n unleashed his lyrical and energetic stage presence and recorded the song “Ghetto Youths Cry” for Tiger Records. He treasures meeting his Idol Buju Banton in 2004 at the artist’s personal studio where he was recording a demo. The engineer as well as Mr. Mark Myrie a.k.a Buju Banton was indeed impressed by this unprecedented new talent. Since the beginning of his young musical career Tidal has collaborated with many flourishing artistes in the music business. From these collaborations, he has garnered the attention of engineers and international producers who have expressed an interest in his music. In 2008 Tidal succeeded in marketing his craftsmanship when his song ‘Smile’ was played on the airwaves by popular radio stations Zip 103 FM, Best FM and Irie FM. With determination and persistent, Tidal endeavours to take his music to international standards while proving that music is vast expression of self, circumstance and a channel for upliftment.

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Kimoy Graham a.k.a Jr Daine

Jr Daine has his eyes fixed on becoming one of the country great entertainers. He has been working assiduously to make his name in the music business. He was born on December 17, 1988, and is a resident of Enfield in St Mary.
He has been searching for his big break ever since he entered the music fraternity after leaving the Buff Bay High School in 2005. He wants to use his positive lyrics to help inspire and uplift his rapidly growing fan-base, particularly the youth.
The buzzing musical sensation has recorded a number of singles, and has very high hopes of releasing his first album.
With singles like “We Alone A Feel’’, “Life Of A G”, “Dem Badmind,” “Take Over” and “Same Thing”, Jr. Daine is bound to make an indelible mark on the music industry. 320965 259037234128216 1222580520 n
Music has never been strange to Jr.Daine. In fact, it runs through his blood. He has two siblings in the industry - Tidal and Fabigeez. He has drawn significant inspiration from his older brother Tidal, who actually encouraged him to enter the music industry.
Last year, Jr. Daine earned the third place spot in the popular television386506 309259459105993 875827954 n competition, “Magnum Kings & Queens Of Dancehall”. The exposure and experience he gained from his performance during the competition also helped to boost his confidence and aspiration to continue climbing to the top.
Also, he has also performed on a number of stage shows, including the 2011 staging of “St Mary Mi Come From” as well as several “Lucky Dollar” promotional concerts. Jr. Daine has been working with a numbers of producers, even as he aims to get a more structured system in place, which would help to market his music locally and overseas. Although there are many challenges facing young entertainers, Jr. Daine is bent on being a trailblazer. His eyes are set on his rightful place among the galaxy of musical stars. Look out for him!

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